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  • The Latest Development About Youtube Redesign That You Have To Know

    We will bring a new level of functionality and a more consistent look across our desktop and mobile experiences. YouTube has had a huge makeover. The video website has unveiled a modern logo and a refreshed user interface for both its mobile app and desktop site. The new-look YouTube feels slicker and more modern, but could take a bit bit of getting used to.

    YouTube has refreshed its interface throughout the web and smartphones, undertaking a entire material design refresh to make the experience cleaner and less complicated to focus on videos. the main format of the website is remaining intact, but the entire appearance is less difficult, flatter and cleaner than ever before — something that should come as no surprise if you’ve used Google’s other websites or Android apps lately.

    YouTube Old Logo

    YouTube Old Logo 2016

    First off, the redesigned logo. The company’s name and the Play icon have been split up.

    Basically, the Play icon is now so right away recognisable that there’s no want for the name ‘YouTube’ to accompany it all the time.

    Youtube logo

    New YouTube Logo 2017

    In the company’s own words, “the up to date logo combines a cleaned up version of the YouTube wordmark and Icon, creating a extra flexible design that works better throughout a variety of devices, even on the tiniest monitors”.

    The computer version of the website has got a cleaner new user interface, and sacrifices a few flashes of red for extra bits of white.

    YouTube old User Interface

    YouTube Old User Interface 2016

    The big focus is making YouTube easy and approachable for everybody, which visuals that do not distract you from the purpose you’re there in the first place: to experience the videos.

    YouTube can historically seem a bit busy or puzzling to casual users, and this redesign have to optimistically assist with that. It additionally brings a visible consistency to Google’s different properties, that is constantly important. Perhaps the nice thing heavy YouTube customers will find about this redesign is the inclusion of a complete dark theme, with a view to dramatically reduce down on eye stress whilst looking videos at night time. All you have to do is toggle it on through the account menu, and the complete interface is going darkish permanently.

    YouTube New User Interface Website 2017

    YouTube New User Interface 2017

    In case you need to try out the brand new YouTube look before anyone else, you may head over to to choose in. If you don’t find it to be to your liking right now, you can return to the “old” interface for the time being from your account

    Let us know what you think about new theme and let’s see if anyone out there (myself included) can give you some helpful feedback. We’ve done this before and it resulted in some really productive conversations.

    So, please leave a comment below if you’d like to ask a question.