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At Uncode we help brands to distinguish themselves from crowds of similar products and initiatives, We keep in mind that it’s not just about the design, internet site or campaign. It’s more about outcomes – which include consumer engagement, productiveness, enquiries and sales. We work with you to outline and tailor a digital strategy that achieves your precise objectives. We love finding easy answers to complex demanding situations and location a strong emphasis on craft in each element from layout to code.


Uncode offers a full range of digital marketing services

Web Design & Development

Your website is your most important digital asset and should be created with one objective: to drive business growth. Almost anyone can create a website these days, but it takes marketing expertise and technical know-how to build a site that attracts the right audience and inspires them to take action.

Digital Strategy

Google AdWords is a pay-per-click advertising solution that gives you the opportunity to rank on the 1st page of Google’s search results. With a 95% market share, AdWords will help you get found by customers who are looking for products or services. Here’s where Uncode will help and make sure you’re getting bang for your buck.


Google Shopping ads are shown in a separate ‘shopping’ tab in Google, as well as a sponsored box at the top of the homepage when there’s a match between the PLAs and the search query. Each PLA features a product name, image and price, with a link directly to the product page on your website.

Online marketing & SEO

If you have a local business or stores in a number of locations, you’ll know how important it is for customers to know where you are and how they can contact you. Local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is about improving your digital presence, so you rank well on Google when people in your local area search for the products or services you sell.

Google My Business helps customers find you online, no matter where they are or what device they’re using. It’s a combination of Search, Maps and Google+, with a simple dashboard that allows you to update all your profiles at your desk or on the go.

Content Marketing & Social Media

We like to touch people (but not like that!), and do so by carefully isolating channels that open up the relevant audience we need. We diagnose what motivates and influences actions, decisions and communications, and build an immersive strategy to deploy deep engagement with real users.

Online Media & Marketing

As part of an integrated campaign we create pre-roll and online video, Youtube channel content, social video content, banners and rich media executions.

Our concept is to create the opportunity to develop and growth with clients and partners using digital innovation. With our strong digital approach and communication, We always increase sale and brand value that can evaluate the success outcomes.

Competition is fierce in the digital world as it is across virtually every business segment. Simply put, brands and businesses that anchor their digital experiences with insightful analysis and smart integrated planning, emotional understanding and artful design create sustainable engagement.

We bring proven processes, innovative analytics and groundbreaking digital tools to virtually everything we do. But even more so, we bring it emotionally. Because brands and companies (all of us) today live and thrive by getting close to those that matter. So, in three words what’s our approach: Passionate, curious, relentless!


Real value is in real connections, and consumers always have the final say in what’s genuine. Creating emotional currency is a richly affirmative way to show your consumers you really get them.

We create campaigns that forge a connection through a range of compelling visual language, artful messaging, and charm. It isn’t rocket science, but it is emotional sensitivity.

Producing results is what defines us.

Emotion and Motion are the keys to a brand’s success. Today’s discerning, ever-connected consumer is constantly on the MOVE and always connected. Brands that get noticed create lasting emotions, and they move with the customer. They evolve, innovate, and grow.

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